I live in Germany, and one of the attributes I find rather endearing about the German culture is that they love to sing. They love to sing loud, and it‘s pretty much (nearly always) off key. So I fit right in.

I love music and I love to sing it, but I don‘t think anyone has ever told me that I have a Good Voice. They say things like Strong Voice, and ask me if I ever took singing lessons (no) – which I suspect is a nice way of saying I‘m a loud-mouth.

That I know all or most of the lyrics is something my conscious mind does not believe. So as long as I‘m sitting in the dark, amongst the masses of a Karaoke Bar or concert hall, I can sing. No problem.

But once I‘m on the stage and the lights are shining in my face and people are watching me, I clam up. I‘ve got to have the monitor there, guiding me through the song. So yeah, I‘m living proof if the Observer Effect.

It‘s probably one of the reasons why I‘m a writer. Nobody watches me writing. Nobody!