In the Urban Fantasy manuscript currently titled:

Time Dancer Chronicles

The Dragon That Ate the World

Aybus is an extremely important character. I can’t give away much about his past without spoiling – massively – details that are coming in future manuscripts, but I can say that for protagonist Alathea, he is a guide and mentor. In many ways, he is like a father to her.

Their closeness is established very quickly in the first manuscript as a given. In following volumes, I’ll be revealing more about how their relationship developed.

My Inspiration for Writing Aybus

Like many of the characters I create, Aybus is an amalgamation of several different real people. Just off the main shopping street of Homburg (where Alathea lives), there is a very large and very dark man from Africa who owns a clothing boutique.

He is one of the best dressed men I’ve ever seen, and while Aybus isn’t quite as clothing savvy as my neighbor, he does have some of his mannerisms. Being such a large person, but not shy about it, he keeps his voice rather mellow. It puts people at ease I think.

A Gentle Giant

Aybus is certainly that. Though his temperament is quiet and calming, he’s also very direct. This is a strictly no-nonsense man. But he is also elusive. Almost immediately we learn that his age is extraordinary. The date is, in this first manuscript, an unknown. (I know it. I just can’t tell you yet.)

Moorish Ancestry

I can reveal though that Aybus hails from the great historical tradition of the Moorish peoples. But I really can’t share more than that – not even his full name. That will be revealed, most likely, in Book 3.