There‘s a very strong stereotype for writers: we‘re nuts and we‘re alcoholics. From that point, we tend either towards the super skinny or the very overweight. Those are the mental images that I think most people have of writers.

But it isn‘t real. Most of the writers I know personally are actually quite fit or at least working towards getting more fit. This is enormously important for anyone who needs to sit at a computer for hours at a time. Like writers.

Writers need to keep their bodies as fit and functional as possible – because that affects, quite directly, our brain functionality. I‘m no fitness guru type, but fitness and good health are important to me and that‘s why I‘m sharing this stuff with you. I won‘t share everything I come across, just the stuff I think is top notch.

This video is a really good one, because it goes over a lot of the myths we have about health and how it changes as we age, and too – I just love this guy! Ronan Diego de Oliveira incredibly personable and perhaps some day I might actually get to meet him.

Ronan (great name – as a fiction writer, I‘m a bit obsessed with names) Diego de Oliveira part of the Mind Valley University, so there‘s a possibility that I might get to meet him, because I would like to join a Mind Valley event in the future. It‘s something I just found out about a few days ago, and I think what they‘re doing is pretty solid stuff. This is just one of the many videos from their recent material that I‘ve found.

Mind Valley University