Bouquet mini

Sweet Mini

I wanted to make something pretty and feminine. This will definitely catch the eye.

Bouquet travel mug

Travel Mug

For on the go! Brew your own or bring this to any cafe and tell them to fill it up! Insulated stainless steel you can throw into the dishwasher.

Bouquet face mask

Face Mask

So you can be safe and stylish. This is my ultra mask, with 3-layers of protection and everything is adjustable. But other mask forms and sizes are also available.

Bouquet dress

A-line Dress

It’s just pretty.

Bouquet tank top

Tank Top

This will look great with the cute miniskirt!

Bouquet backpack


This great backpack is 100% polyester, has an exterior mesh pocket for your water bottle or travel mug and an interior pocket for a laptop – or whatever.

Bouquet pillow

Throw pillow

A soft and romantic touch. Your choice of sizes, you can order this as a case or with the pillow filler inside.

Bouquet tote bag

Tote Bag

No reason at all to choose between paper or plastic. Choose THIS. Sturdy, washable and pretty.

Bouquet leggings

Great leggings!

I love that this design is delicate, simple.

Bouquet stickers


Your choice of matte, glossy or transparent – and small, medium or large sized. Pretty!

Bouquet water bottle

Water Bottle

If you’re healthy, you’re also ever in style. Bring this with you to the gym (or wherever!) and you’ll never get it confused for someone else’s.

Bouquet pin

Pretty Pin

This looks amazing on denim or pretty much any sturdy fabric.

Bouquet iPhone wallet

iPhone Wallet

The design wraps around this wallet for an elegant look. Interior includes storage slots. Protective and pretty gear for your gear.

Bouquet Samsung case

Samsung case/decal

Your choice of snap, tough or soft case for any Samsung smartphone model. Or go with the decal.

Bouquet iPhone case

iPhone case/decal

Your choice of snap, tough or soft case for any iPhone model. Or go with the decal.