Before I started placing my artwork on different types of products, I thought that the greeting card and postcard absolutely had to be the easiest products to design. Surely, it’s a matter of centering the artwork onto a flat surface. Easy-peashooter. 

But that isn’t what I’ve found in getting my work produced. I don’t know if this is what other artists experience, but for me the most difficult article to design with success is the greeting card.

The thing is, the ratio of the artwork’s dimensions either have to be exactly the same as the card stock, or the art needs to look good with a border around it. If the card doesn’t look good with a border, I won’t bring it on the market. That’s why most of my art just isn’t available as a card. I design a message or feeling first, not the product. (Clearly, not a professional!)

There are only a few pieces that I feel look alright if the ratio of the dimensions are such that a border needs to go around it.

Of course, I only decided to start design like this very recently. I’m a novice. I started doing this November 2020, a creative outlet to help me get through chemotherapy. 

As my dad would say, creativity and being creative is all about hope. 

So far, I’ve created 22 works of art and they’re available on hundreds of different products. Of those designs, I have only eight available as a greeting card. But I’m working to expand on that!

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Below are my favorite cards. I’m really proud of these products. They’re top quality prints on excellent card stock. You can choose the size of cards you want as well as the number. It makes me happy to see these and to be able to send them out to people. Do you have a favorite? I’d really like to know. So far, It’s a Padalecki is my best seller.

Pigeons are comical. In fact, they’re hilarious. One pigeon in particular frequents the nearby plaza and I believe the feathery critter to be an evil overlord mastermind. Pigeon.

This was my very first comic panel – EVER! This gal is in a video conference. When the person she’s calling asks why the mask, she responds: “I don’t know! It just feels more personal.”