Once I decided that Alathea, the main character in Time Dancer Chronicles, was going to be a fashion designer, I was painfully aware that I would need to do a lot of research for it. When I started, I knew nearly nothing at all about fashion design.

I discovered that fashion is something that can be learned – and that even I could build a base of knowledge regarding how I present myself to the world.

Figuring this out was for me very liberating. Realizing that fashion is based on various components that I could learn meant that being fashionable or understanding fashion wasn‘t beyond my grasp. I could learn to do it, bit by bit, just like anything else.

Fashion Sense can be learned. Yay!

Looking great, feeling good about how you look, isn‘t something only for naturally beautiful people who seem to be born with an innate grasp of fashion. Fashion Sense. It‘s something anyone can do, even me.

The character of Alathea and writing for her has given me a lot. My new understanding of fashion and style is definitely one of The Big Things. To read more about Alathea, go HERE.

No longer wishing for it, just doing it.

It is a strange, surreal experience to be able to dress myself and recognize when an outfit is working – or not. After feeling and being identified as fashion-impaired, it‘s downright peculiar realizing that I am well put together, and that it‘s the result of an altered lifestyle – and not several hours in front of the mirror every morning.

I used to think that looking stylish was something that required at least three hours each morning. That‘s what fashion-aware girls told me they were doing, and so in my teens I decided I didn‘t want to do that. I wanted to do other things. But looking good and feeling good has nothing to do with hours of preparation. It‘s really more about understanding the components of style and building those up.

Fashion is a lifestyle, not a diet.

I think there‘s this idea that fashion is something you can more or less ignore or set aside, and then binge on when you want (or need – as for an interview or date) to look sharp. But in researching and learning about fashion, I think it‘s much easier – and much healthier, really – if it is just so much a part of your life that it‘s as essential to your daily habits as brushing your teeth.

If it‘s simply part of your daily life, an aspect that you educate yourself for and then DO, then you will be fashionable. It‘s like most things that are good for you. Good Habits. If you read every day, if you make it a simple habit, then not doing it feels unthinkable. Like if you don‘t brush your teeth. It‘s really something you ONLY do when you‘re terribly sick, bedridden – and when you are at that point, you feel excited about being able to once again brush your teeth!

Finally! A swell smile, looking sharp, and reading an excellent yarn.