I’ve at last completed a manuscript for the first book in an Urban Fantasy series, one tentatively titled

Time Dancer Chronicles

The Dragon That Ate the World

To read more about the process of writing that manuscript, go HERE.

That the story in my mind really needs to be a series is without question. In part, it’s because my imagination has been inhabiting the story for so many years, the scope of what started out as an epic tale is now good and truly EPIC.

In conversation, some people have asked me how many volumes I expect it will be in the end, and they are often visibly surprised at my answer.

First off: 42. When in doubt, the answer is always 42.

I’m kidding. Somewhat slightly seriously, it really could be that extensive (42!) without any problem. I will say, very conservatively, that it will take at least 8 volumes to give Alathea Seppi’s character the space it needs to tell her part of the story.

But there are many other characters in this storyverse who are important enough to be protagonists as well, and their specific stories give what Alathea experiences more depth, more meaning.

Much too much? Nah.

If you’re now worrying that the series is in danger of spinning out of control: sure. Of course it is! Even inside of a chapter a story can spin out of control. But: I have a plan.

Fantasy lovers do tend to be completionists, and I respect that. So it’s important to me that the storyline feel complete. To keep tabs on that, I’m planning the over arching storyline in sets of eight volumes, to avoid there being any threads that get lost, forgotten or unraveled completely.

That said, it would be very easy (and super fun!) to just write forever within this little pocket of story.