It’s a Padalecki

Spiral Notebook

I’m not sure how many blank books I’ve filled with notes and sketches over the years. Certainly over a hundred. It’s really fun for me to design their covers now.

It’s a Padalecki

Hardback Journal

The design wraps around the whole book in a very smart, slick way. Smooth finish. Your choice of paper type for 128 pages of fantastic notes or sketches or whatever you desire. Get creative!

It’s a Padalecki

Zipper Pouch

Available in three sizes, these sturdy and washable organizers just look super cool.

It’s a Padalecki

Tote Bag

You can never have enough shopping bags and this one is just super cool.

It’s a Padalecki mask

Face Mask

I’m showing here the top-of-the-line 3-layer mask with adjustable straps and glasses-friendly interior-metal nose grasper. But this design is available in other face mask shapes and sizes. You just opt for that when you place your order.

It’s a Padalecki


Just ‘cause I love stuff on my fridge. I’m a firm believer in putting the kitsch back into the kitchen. It’s what makes me want to stay in there and hang out for a while. You know?

It’s a Padalecki stickers


It has to be. My generation grew up with stickers, we collected stickers. It’s why emojis exist. They are the techie-stickers. So this is Old School, Honey!

It’s a Padalecki mug

Coffee. MUG.

I drink coffee. I like coffee. My friends and I, we always used to drink coffee. We still like coffee, and drink it. Sometimes a lot of coffee. Coffee.

It’s a Padalecki travel mug

Travel with coffee.

Because you can get your fix not just at home. If you have a fave cafe, take this with you and help save the planet. In style, even.

It’s a Padalecki drawstring bag

Drawstring Bag

I think this is just great. If you’ve got a special pair of fancy shoes, you can store them in this great bag and keep them dust-free. Or you can just use it for whatever.

It’s a Padalecki coasters


Protect your furniture very awesomely. These are serious coasters. Glossy top finish and cork bottom, so they won’t slip around the surface. Set of 4 per pack.

It’s a Padalecki pillow

Throw Pillow

So you can cuddle with art! I love fun and funky pillows and I think this fits the bill. You pick the size.

It’s a Padalecki

Acrylic Block

These are hand polished to get a really great shine. It’s about an inch think, and you can see the image from the sides. Catches the light. Choose between two sizes.

It’s a Padalecki button

Cool Pin

I used to collect pins and buttons and place them all over my denim jacket and my backpack. Do you do that too – or love someone who does? Then you need this. Looks great on denim. Choose between two sizes.

It’s a Padalecki water bottle

Water Bottle

Useful, practical – and super cool.