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My Favorite Cards

Not many people seem to send letters and postcards anymore, but I do love getting them and I suspect most other people do too. My friend Jenny B. (Hi Jen!) and my dad are I think the two people in my life who are the most dedicated letter writers.

I most recently gave several thank you cards to the doctors and therapists who worked so hard to help me during my month-long (April 2021) rehabilitation at the Freiburg clinic for cancer patients. (You can read about my experience HERE.) Sometimes patients go there to take a break and recover from chemo, radiation, or surgery. I’m all done with chemo and I had my mastectomy, so I was there to begin my recovery and learn how to repair my body.

It was an incredible experience and truly – it changed my life. I cannot begin to express my gratitude, but those trainers, therapists and cooks who went above and beyond for me were both surprised and happy when I gave them personal thank you notes. Especially in pandemic times, when we couldn’t really see a smiling face or share a handshake, I felt like some kind of personal gesture was important; and it came from the heart.

Epistolary Etymology

I love words, and I suspect I tend to think about them more often than most people. It’s fair to say that getting into the history of words is kind of a hobby of mine.

After putting this page together, I was thinking about the word “epistolary,” which means “of letters.” A pen pal is an epistolary friendship. I was wondering why it sounded so close to apostle. Specifically, I thought, “Epistolary apostle, pick up a thistle, a pistol.“ My thoughts tend to do that. So I looked it up.

Epistolary is the adjectival form of epistle. In the 1200s, the word epistle was specifically a message sent by an apostle (the a-postle, or messenger, sends an e-pistle, the message). By the 1500s this word had changed to mean any kind of message, order or dispatch.

The word “pistol” has nothing to do with dispatching. I checked. The pistol is actually named after Pistoia, a town in northern Italy known for gunsmithery (from 1550s). (There’s also a province in Tuscany of the same name Pistoia.)

Pigeons are comical. In fact, they’re hilarious. One pigeon in particular frequents a nearby plaza and I think the feathery critter to be an evil overlord mastermind. Pigeon.
This was my very first comic panel – EVER! This gal is in a video conference. When the person she’s calling asks – why the mask, she responds: “I don’t know! It just feels more personal.”