When I was too sick with chemo to write, I created artwork instead, and then got my artwork into production on RedBubble. I would tinker, just whenever I could.

So everything shown here is what I‘ve created while in pandemic lockdown and cancer treatment.

There are clickable buttons for more insider information (for some designs) and for full access to items available on my RedBubble shop. You can also jump right over and browse through all the designs on my RedBubble PROFILE HERE.

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Blown Away

A Quiet Place

ZigZaggy Nature


Celtic Trees of Life

Mistletoe Merrymaker

Magic Snowflake

It’s a Padalecki

All My Habits Make ME

Stretch Tall


Little Bird


Covid Humor: This is a video call… why are you wearing a mask?

Gallows (chemo) Humor: Life Support #1

Evil Overlord Mastermind Pigeon

Personalized backpack

Personalized Pack

Kids love to have their names on their stuff. Sometimes it’s a school requirement. If you would like this or another item personalized, just contact me. We’ll work it out.