This was my very first attempt to write for The Curved House’s Visual Verse anthologies, but it was also my first attempt to write a short story for any publisher at all, post-chemo. I think because of that, this off-beat science fiction story holds a special place for me.

It’s a story I love (500 words), and I may well expand this into a novel – maybe even a series. A few people have suggested it. Here’s an excerpt:

     “So?” Alba scratched her nose in that certain spot that was always itchy. 
    “I didn’t love the last one,” Sashi scoffed and tucked a loose curl of blonde behind her ear. “Those people were just, I’m sure, really strange. Always holding their bodies so erect all the time.” She complained, “It’s so much easier to just lean.” 
    “I know.” Alba sighed; Sashi was always, “I’m sure.” She said so a lot.
    “Obscene, really.” …

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Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, edited by Preti Taneja, Volume 9, Chapter 8, The Curved House, Kington, England, June 2022.