I’m thrilled that Suzanne Craig-Whytock of Dark Winter Literary Magazine has chosen to publish two of my poems: Not Yet and My ’Round Town (chemo) Toddle. Both are very personal, about some of my experiences during chemo and just staying stubbornly alive anyway.

Not Yet

Not Yet is about my experience attending the online funeral of an old school friend. It was during the pandemic and I was not quite halfway through my chemotherapy program. Here’s an excerpt:

An old friend 
shines down on my shoulders
pecking light on my cheek
warm kisses …

My ’Round Town (chemo) Toddle

My ’Round Town (chemo) Toddle is exactly what the title suggests! True story. It’s my hope that while the moment experienced was hard, you’ll find it heartening and perhaps a little funny. Here’s an excerpt:

My ‘round town toddle
sl-sliding feet, uneven unsteadying
Darting Eyes widen stung
sl-slide step, then, sl-slide step, moment now
I go, to go, to go …

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Dark Winter Literary Magazine, edited by Suzanne Craig-Whytock, Ontario, Canada, August 2022.