Tag: Disastrous Haunting by KC Hill

What Mr. Trand Says about the Ghost

Part 2 of 6 in this complete, ghostly story. GETTING THE LOWDOWN “Mr. Trand, it’s important that I tell you-.” Pause.  Hodge knew that Trand was the kind of client who liked to interrupt people because he had things he...

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The Unexpected Tenant

Part 3 of 6 in this complete, ghostly story. A GHOST RESTAURANT  Mandy drove through the famous Castro neighborhood at a slow as snails pace. She wanted to take in the cute shops and cafes that were within walking distance...

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An interesting talk with a Mysterious Man

Part 4 of 6 in this complete, ghostly story. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? “Are you afraid of ghosts, Mr. Stewart?” Well that certainly took him by surprise. Not that it was the first time he’d been asked, just that it wasn’t the...

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Readying for the Serial Killer Ghost

Part 5 of 6 in this complete, ghostly story. GETTING READY FOR THE HUNT They weren’t sure how long they’d need to wait for Don Leightonan to start haunting them, so Mandy and Ric brought sleeping bags and take out Chinese food....

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The Conclusion of Disastrous Haunting

Part 6 of 6 and the conclusion of this ghostly story. AURA OF A GHOST EATER The next morning, Mandy woke up to brilliant sunshine streaming in through the bay window. Ric wasn’t in his sleeping bag any longer. She could hear him...

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