Turtleneck Worthy Poetry by KC Hill

Greetings fellow poetry lovers!

If you like to be confused and befuddled by words and wordplay, to have your brain melted by the inner workings of a wonky poet’s mind, you’ve come to the right place.

A reminiscence of an old flame:Combed up Velvet” was first published on Poetry Super Highway, where I was showcased as Poet of the Month. Read the poem here.

Get insight to the publishing experience HERE.

“Combed up Velvet” by KC Hill

The ghost of an old friend visits me while struggling with chemo:Not Yet” was first published on Dark Winter Literary Magazine. You can read the poem here.

“Not Yet” by KC Hill

Had to laugh at myself and my chemo-addled shuffle:My ‘round Town (chemo) Toddle” was first published on Dark Winter Literary Magazine.

To date, editor Suzanne Craig-Whytock has been the only publisher willing or brave enough to showcase work that explores The Big C experience in any way. Most decline with something along these lines: “it doesn’t fit into what we usually publish.” Read the poem here.

“My ‘round Town (chemo) Toddle” by KC Hill