K.C. Hill was born in DeKalb, Illinois and raised along the west coast of America. In the early 90s, K.C. attended the University of New Mexico, where she earned a Bachelor’s in English and Philosophy. During that time, she enjoyed student exchange programs in Alaska and Florida.  

In 2002, K.C. moved to the Hessian Region of Germany, where in addition to teaching EFL and Creative Writing, she launched four websites including Great Storybook (in 2012), where she garnered accreditation. The experience gave K.C. the opportunity to work with many creatives from around the world, and while Great Storybook has been archived since 2018, it’s visited by 30,000 readers every month.

Her artwork has been showcased in solo exhibits in Seattle, Washington and Homburg, Germany, and she’s been part of art shows in galleries and boutiques in the western U.S. and western Germany.

In June 2020, in the midst of the first pandemic lockdown, K.C. was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer, Stage 3. Since then, she has successfully gone through chemotherapy, a mastectomy and rehabilitation. Her last chemo treatment was Christmastime 2021, but dealing with brain fog and other side effects of the treatment continue to this day.

K.C. is a hardcore pedestrian, a snooker fan who plays drums as often as she can and a self taught cook who loves to experiment with food. She frequents brick-and-mortar writing seminars, workshops, writer events and book fairs. She’s no longer editing anyone’s work but her own now, and has most recently finished her first novel. K.C. is seeking representation from her dream literary agent and with luck, that will happen inside of this year. She now resides in the university town of Mainz, Germany (in Rhineland-Palatinate) with her very smart husband.

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KC’s Voice

I am an accredited blogger, hybrid author, lazy artist and novice designer. I love playing drums, studying great stories and analyzing film (read: picking apart EVERY aspect).

I’m a cancer survivor. You can read about my experience with that and see me in wigs, in the chemo chair, etc. RIGHT HERE.

The picture of me just below is from 2018. It’s the image I put on all my business cards, but it’s also no longer how I look. I’ve gone through chemotherapy and once my hair grew back, it was suddenly curly and white instead of straight and brown. For a few glorious months, I thought I might end up with hair like Monroe (with a little color help). Nope. Over time, my white curls grew out to be replaced with hair that’s again different. It’s straighter than ever before, thicker (read: denser) than ever before, and darker than ever before. I can only guess what’s coming next.

K.C. Hill

I love organizing events that bring creative people together.

The first event I ever planned is the one that makes me most proud. It was in 2011 and I was all set to attend the Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This was a really big deal for me because I was already living in Germany. I was flying back to New Mexico just for that conference. Sadly, it was cancelled with only three weeks’ notice. I was crushed and even considered staying home and being miserable about it.

Instead, I decided to organize the Guerilla Screenwriting Circuit, a one time only free event that ran May 27-31, 2011 in New Mexico. It was a mad rush to get it together. Various talented writers, actors, agents and producers joined me in teaching classes and workshops including Melinda Snodgrass, Bill Kelman, Mark David Gerson and Celeste Bradley. I hear that to this day, people who met there are friends and collaborators on projects in both music and film. It’s really gratifying.

Where I am now.

I‘m an American creative who relocated to Germany in 2002 and became what Peter Mayle terms a permanent tourist. I currently reside in the university town of Mainz, Germany with my fantastic husband. Mainz is home of the Gutenberg Printing Press, BioNTech and the Green Political Party.

An Egyptian Temple in Germany? YES. Really.

In 2000, ruins of a temple dedicated to the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis and the oriental deity of Mater Magna were discovered when the city of Mainz, Germany was digging a foundation for a new shopping mall. The site has been preserved and the mall built on top of that level, so visitors can go down to see the archeological dig and then go upstairs for new shoes and a coffee.

There’s a fascinating depth of history, very inspiring!  

Me, in 2nd grade.
Me, in 2nd grade.
Fantasy Flowers