Romance of a Visionary and the Well-Off Officer

When Officer Dirk Mallem pulls over the exciting Dixie Cayce for driving like a bandit, he expects to hear the usual excuses. He soon discovers that the free spirit he’s wanting to ticket is far from anything he could have expected.

As Dixie divulges to the officer her peculiar case, Officer Mallem begins to suspect that his life is about to change forever.

A tough cop finds love in this rough-around-the-edges but light hearted short story.

Posted here exclusively and in its entirety for your enjoyment.

“Well-Officer-it’s-like-this,” and then it would come, another lame excuse for breaking the law. That’s always how it was, absolutely and no doubt, every single time. Officer Dirk Mallem drove around the neighborhood lazily, casually resting his right wrist on the steering wheel, leaning his bent arm out the window to let it fry. 




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