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A bit about me & where I’m coming from

In the midst of the first pandemic lockdown of 2020, I was diagnosed with a rare & extremely aggressive breast cancer, Stage 3. Late December 2021 my cancer treatments came to an end, marking the chance for a fresh start in 2022.

I got busy, creating!

Then 2023 I got breast cancer, again. Stage 1 this time, & a different type. An emergency mastectomy took place on March 15th & as of May 8, I’m back in chemotherapy. So for right now? I’m taking things a bit slow. But not too slow. 

About My Latest Manuscripts

I’m always writing poetry & short stories (publishers include: The Curved House, Poetry Superhighway, & Dark Winter Literary), but my most recently published piece is a graphic-poem, a Ninth Art work of heavy emotions in just 10 pages: “This Cassandra’s Apology in F-Sharp” is FREE on Red Noise Collective.


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Happening NOW

From May 18-21, I’ll be attending an Indie Press & Publisher’s Convention, hosted by the Gutenberg Museum. It’s a 4-day event & I’m super jazzed about it. I’m expecting hand-crafted books of the finest quality.

Also Happening NOW

I’m currently drafting a mystery novel! It’s been my lifelong dream to write mysteries (being an Agatha Christie nutball) & I finally found the courage to go for it.

Coming September!

I’ll be actively participating in an online, one-month writing course hosted by Curtis Brown Creative (CBC). Cannot wait! I had signed on for an earlier class this year, but shy of two weeks into it discovered I had cancer. The staff was very understanding & has allowed me to do it again once my chemo treatments are done. Very nice.

Ongoing… patience not my forte

Currently, my first manuscript for a novel is waiting for the attentive eyes of an agent. It‘s a literary work of Magical Realism called Everwhen, and yes, it absolutely has dragons. 

Peruse & Be Happy

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