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Murderous Beachy Keen,

wherein a foul

murder takes

place on the beautiful

island of Oahu.

A 15 minute mystery.

After her recent divorce, Dr. Tonya Meiers indulges in a much needed solo vacation in Hawaii…

Suddenly, a shadow falls over the page, blocking the sun. Her mind fuzzy with heat, reading and cocktails, Tonya registers a man, sopping wet. She can tell that much even though he’s in silhouette, a bright expanse of beach searing behind him. A thin, dark and crooked line streaks down the length of his leg. That can’t be blood, she thinks.

Her eyes adjust and the man focuses into a shadowy figure, a sporty type wearing swimming trunks, barefoot. Tonya’s about to tell him to go away, but then she sees his jaw, the angle of his nose, and realizes with a shock: it’s him. 

His breathing is wrong.


—Solve the mystery with endearing sleuth, Tonya Meiers.

—Find authentic, tantalizing clues to intrigue and delight the mind.

—Choose from a handful of plausible suspects, richly complicated and messy.

My 1st mystery novel, “8 Blackener Mile” will be submitted to the CWA Debut Dagger ‘24.

What I’m currently writing:

In “8 Blackener Mile,” 20-something poet Ida Eden receives a special delivery that turns out to be a box of - well, junk. Randomly, it includes such things as a faded tablecloth, a beer coaster and an outdated roadmap. A terse note inside explains that Ida’s mother has died, the funeral has come and gone - and in the Black Forest of Germany no less. The bizarre collection is apparently her inheritance and according to the note, she should feel lucky to get that much. Ida nearly tosses everything in the trash, but then an obscure book of poetry catches her attention.  

That’s when the mystery starts. 

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