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About “Murderous Beachy Keen”

15 Minute Mystery

After her recent divorce, Dr. Tonya Meiers indulges in a much needed solo vacation in Hawaii…

Suddenly, a shadow falls over the page, blocking the sun. Her mind fuzzy with heat, reading and cocktails, Tonya registers a man, sopping wet. She can tell that much even though he’s in silhouette, a bright expanse of beach searing behind him. A thin, dark and crooked line streaks down the length of his leg. That can’t be blood, she thinks.

Her eyes adjust and the man focuses into a shadowy figure, a sporty type wearing swimming trunks, barefoot. Tonya’s about to tell him to go away, but then she sees his jaw, the angle of his nose, and realizes with a shock: it’s him. 

His breathing is wrong.

—Solve the mystery with endearing sleuth, Tonya Meiers.

—Find authentic, tantalizing clues to intrigue and delight the mind.

—Choose from a handful of plausible suspects, richly complicated and messy.

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K.C. Hill is an accredited blogger*, artist and writer who lives in a rooftop flat in the university town of Mainz, Germany. She’s training for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, taking long walks through nearby wheat and potato fields, carefully skirting broken, craggy edges of vineyards. Her latest short fiction and poetry is with The Curved House, Dark Winter Literary Magazine, Poetry Superhighway, and Red Noise Collective. Hill is ever working to hone her craft and is writing her first mystery novel. 

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*The authority for KC‘s accreditation is the world‘s leading venue for print and digital media, the Frankfurter Buchmesse.