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Why a Diary and not a Blog?

As a creative, I get questions that on the surface, seem simple. Things like, “‘Where do you get your ideas?’ Or, ‘How do you manage to be so creative?’” I’m sometimes asked, “How do you get into the Flow?” These sorts of questions are elusive, but not only to those who don’t consider themselves creative. I suspect the answers are even more elusive to creative types.

The reason? Creative Flow feels transportive, spiritual, even otherworldly. Once in that mode, I’m not really here. It’s difficult, if not downright impossible, to observe myself and what I’m doing in Flow - especially as I’m not even capable of noticing when someone’s vacuuming right under my seat. 

So I thought: DIARY. Instead of trying to break down what I do in blog bites, I thought I’d just share what I’m doing as I’m doing it. Daily. If you’re interested in getting to know how I do my creative stuff, this is perhaps the best way to get an insider’s peek. A deep peek. No Top-10 lists of what to do and what to avoid at all cost. Just the real deal, come what may… or may not. Because I really don’t know!


October 13, 2023

It’s FRIDAY. The 13th.

I can’t remember ever feeling this happy that it’s Friday. I am SO ready to do almost nothing tomorrow.

As little as possible. Woo-hoo!

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October 9, 2023

First serious day in various therapies and sports. Friggin’ wiped out.

Not sure what this doodle means. I hope it isn’t about my anus. No idea.

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July 12, 2023

Decided today that I’m going to write and sketch a daily diary – and share it right here. Whatever comes, comes. Here’s day one.

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