Dear Diary,

I actually had a pretty good night’s sleep. Best sleep I’ve had in months. Means I’m healing.

Got a fair amount of writing time in today, though I found myself needing to do bits of research along the way. It’s important to double check facts before inserting it into a story. It always annoys me when I watch or read something and think, “But that’s wrong,” or even more often, “That’s completely impossible.”

I don’t want that to ever happen with my work.

I’m very close to having a solid first draft. So far, the story is considerably longer than I planned it to be. That might be OK – but I’m going to try to trim it without losing context, insight, or clues. Since I’m going to publish this one myself, I don’t need to stick with a specific word count. I can do what I want.

Still, I like to meet my guidelines. I’ll see what happens in the fourth draft. By then I’ll know. Just wish I had more energy and more endurance. I’d be able to bang this story out SO much faster. But it is what it is. I need to be patient and accept that at least I can do this.

I’m definitely doing better than generally expected, and definitely better than I was at this point after chemo the first time I got cancer. So I’m all right here.

See you tomorrow,