Dear Diary,

It’s Friendship Day today. After a rough night, I’m really feeling the effects of chemo right now. Extremely tired and all the rest of the side effects take their turns to swell up and subside, but choppy. Like it’s raining. I look like I’m not doing anything at all, but I’m extremely busy just existing right now.

Feeling down, just home on an overcast day by myself. My Darling will return as soon as he can, but he’s with family at the moment. I’m not up for the trip or the visit and I know it but I really wish I were, especially as The Little Bug of our family is visiting from Denmark at the moment. I have to miss it.

This drawing is a quick squiggle sketch that unfolded just now. Captures my mood and maybe helps me to overcome the feelings. Hard while feeling nauseous, but whatever. I’ll get past it.

Wanting to write on the murder mystery. Sort of feeling like maybe I should write the actual murder scene. Might be cathartic. Maybe.

See you tomorrow,