Dear Diary,

Writer’s Digest is always a source of inspiration and information. This morning, I got an email wherein there was a writing prompt: write a story as a list of things that didn’t happen. Very intriguing idea, so here’s my attempt.

I found myself writing from my most recent experiences. 

  1. We didn’t go to the movies last weekend, but it’ll be streaming online some day. 
  2. We didn’t meet up with friends last night, but it’s probably for the best.
  3. We won’t be able to see them again until next month, because they’re leaving town for another vacation abroad. Lucky them.
  4. I won’t be joining the family reunion because it’s just too risky for my health. You and your mom should go without me though. Take pictures of the little one for me. I’ll be fine.
  5. I won’t be getting any manicures or pedicures until I’ve healed up enough from the chemo. Maybe next year.
  6. I won’t be chopping vegetables or anything else with a sharp knife for a while. Hands are too unsteady. I’m so glad you can do the cooking these days. I miss it.
  7. No picnics or grill parties or day trips to the beach for me this summer. Sun burns my skin even where I’m fully clothed.
  8. There won’t be a funeral for me any time soon, so don’t worry, Darling. I’m kicking this cancer in the ass. I’m going to be better and it’s all going to be great. I just need time.  

One of the things I like about this WD prompt is that writers are invited to leave their writing exercise as a Comment. Some of the others wrote list-stories that I like considerably better than mine.

But I guess that isn’t too surprising, really. Of course I would.

It’s the day after chemo, so I’m not sure how much more writing I can do today. But! I really want to get back to the murder. Was happily able to get some serious writing time in on Monday – felt good.

See you tomorrow,