(Note: drawing was created on the 16th, as a spontaneous drawing. Just came. I had nothing for the 15th.)

Dear Diary,

Today was a long day at the hospital, but not for chemo! I had a meeting there with a social worker about my upcoming chemo rehab. I’ll be going to Freiburg for that, most likely next month. I’ll be finding out soon exactly when. It’s important I do this, and based on how much rehab helped me before after all the chemo, I’m looking forward to learning new stuff.

Also had the antibody treatment – shot in my stomach. It’s the first time I’ve received it this way. Before, it was either through my chemo port or a 10-minute shot into my leg. I do not like the shot in my stomach. It bruises, causes a rash, it feels hot and there’s a big bump in there now that feels like a golf ball. I do not like this. I think next time I’ll have it in my leg and see how I do with it. Should be ok, but it’s possible I’ve changed. So I don’t really know.

There was quite a bit of waiting time in between, so I made use of it writing. Not for the story, but just for me. I first wrote down my observations at the hospital cafe, what I saw and what I felt about it. Felt good.I haven’t been able to do that much – for obvious reasons. It’s great being able to return to it.

Then I wrote down, in some detail, goals I have – things I want to do. As my health improves, I’ll be able to do more and more of what’s on that list. It will become increasingly possible. Tomorrow, I’ll likely type up what I wrote. I think it’d be helpful.

See you then,