Dear Diary,

Old memories continue to crop up in my mind, but now I understand them quite differently. Painful as it is, it’s good to finally have understanding, to no longer feel like too much of my life doesn’t make sense. It now makes perfect sense.

Despite all that, I was able to sketch the murder victim’s wife, who today I’ve decided to rename. She’s now Jia Sanderson. It’s just cooler, more interesting and gives her character more depth. Originally, I went with a name I thought age appropriate and sort of bland.

But in giving her a bit more thought, I realized I don’t want her to be bland. I want her to have some teeth, some grit. Her man “done did her wrong” – but that doesn’t mean she has to be a wallflower. In fact, given the fellow women I know who had lying, two-faced cheating husbands, I’d say a wife’s character or temperament has nothing to do with her husband’s behavior. Nothing at all.

So even though she’s firmly on the list of suspects, I want her to be more intriguing. Not bland, not unbearable, not overly unlikeable.

Not all the characters are likable in this story.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle another character – Captain Rad Lawler. I really love this name. It came to me while watching a game of snooker. There was something about something with – I think it was a player with the last name Lawler. I can’t remember quite how I got there. But I scribbled it down immediately for this character.

Until tomorrow then,