Dear Diary,

Later today, a friend is coming over to visit. If the weather holds, we’ll go for a walk. If the weather doesn’t hold, we’ll go on a walk anyway – but a shorter one. Probably direct to the ice cream parlor. Ahem.

Rad Lawler is taking shape. He’s going to make a terrific suspect.

He’s part Kanaka Maoli and part California surfer dude. I did some research on the history of Hawaii and it rather inspires me to learn more about the people and their language. I’d love to learn at least a few phrases. My impression is that the language is more difficult than French. I could be wrong, but it does appear so.

It’s my understanding that the way most Americans pronounce Hawaii is completely wrong. Some day, when I visit Hawaii, or Hawai’i actually, I’d like a local to help me with that.

Side effects of chemo and antibody treatments are really knocking me down at the moment, but I know I’ll get through this. It’s just hard going this week. Got word this morning that my chemo rehab starts September 19th, so just about perfect timing. I’m really happy about it.

See you tomorrow,