Dear Diary,

It’s Friday, and the CBC class is going well. I wish my writing would simply Flow, but at least I’m writing and I don’t completely hate what I’m writing.

From the writing task given today, here’s what I cut:

Remus O’Connor loved and adored his wife, even though she was in his mind overly emotive and at times quite unhinged. He had always known that Darlee, being an artist, was different. He accepted that. When she was diagnosed as bipolar, which explained her high ups and very low downs, he adjusted his life to meet her needs. He loved his wife, he had promised to care for her until death would part them.

I feel pretty good about this, though I needed to remove it. The characters feel so strong in my mind, their situation so vivid and compelling, I am almost absolutely sure I’m going to write a novel to tell their story. It’s rather exciting.

Yah, I’m doing it.

See you tomorrow,