Dear Diary,

Had a terrible night’s sleep. So tired. But I’ll do what I can today. Tomorrow is chemo, so I do need to get ready for that.

Was able to tinker a bit and created this image of my friend Karen, based on a photograph taken by Werner. I kind of like it, and anyway it’s nice to think about my buds. They travel a LOT. They’ll be leaving again in September, but I’ll be taking my month-long writing course with CBC anyway.

Still, the plan is to meet up at a Street Food Festival in town, which will be running the weekend before they head out.

I really want to get some writing in before the day is out, but I’m not sure how viable that is. I’m going to try.

Just now I can hear a small child tooting a whistle outside, one of those plastic whistles. So funny. Trying very hard to create a tune with one note.

If a child can make music with only one friggin’ note, then I think I can manage to write. It may not be any good, but I’m going to give it my best tootin’. I’m not rootin’ and tootin’ but I’ll just do this anyway.

See you tomorrow (after chemo),