Dear Diary,

Today was my last chemo day. After this, it’s just antibodies. I’m extremely grateful.

The surgery date for my port has been postponed to the 24th, but this actually works out much better. I found out today that the previous date wouldn’t have actually been possible because I’ll need several other visits to the hospital first. So that works out. It just means more morning shots of anticoagulant. Oh well. I can do that.

Even though my chemo is basically done, I’ll need to go to the hospital every week for another month anyway. For tests, mostly. Learning that was a big surprise today.

I think it’s terrific they’re being so careful with me. It’s going to hurt and I know it, but it’s fine. I’d much rather they take the precautions.

I’m quite tired (as usual) after chemo – but somehow not so tired as usual.

I am excited. Soon, I’ll be able to do much, much more!

See you tomorrow,