Dear Diary,

The graphic novel idea is coming a small step forward today. I have a first attempt at a portrait for my main protagonist – at an early stage of her development. This is pretty basic, a bit raw. Maybe that’s a good thing, I don’t know.

Definitely need to sleep on it, and then do more portraits. But this is based on my description of her in a short fiction manuscript I wrote last year. The story just doesn’t work in written form.

I can see certain moments of the story, and they’re wonderful. So I’ve decided that this particular story needs to be a graphic novel.

It’s very likely the story will be almost without any words – though once everything moves to dry land, there are going to be human characters and they will need (I think) to be speaking. So there will be that. (Most likely.)

As a very first attempt, I’m not altogether displeased with this drawing. The color scheme is all wrong.

At any rate, it’s a brief respite from drafting my murder mystery – which I plan to get back to later today. We’ll see how my brain does with that, day after chemo.

See you tomorrow,