Dear Diary,

It’s a strange thing being at this stage of my chemo treatments. In a few weeks (on the 15th), I’ll need to have surgery for a new chemo port installation. The old one is faulty and needs to be placed. Oh well.

But I’m at the point where I should start thinking about where I want to go for my chemo rehab. Once the hard chemo treatments are done and I’m just on antibodies (thus the continued need for a port – well into May of next year), I’ll be able to attend a rehab clinic for 3-4 weeks.

It’s important that I go, it’s good that I go and I want to go. But I’m also reticent about it. I don’t really know why. Looking and researching options is exhausting.

When I started to visualize how this makes me feel, the worm and fish drawing sort of took shape in my mind – and so I drew it. This doesn’t depict what I’m experiencing at all, but it captures my reticence. I’m scratching my chin.

See you tomorrow,