Dear Diary,

It’s been a good day for writing. Amazingly. At least, I think so, anyway. The writing assignment for class today somehow got me strumming out words, forming what feels like a story. It could expand into something larger if I wanted to go there, but I feel like this is enough, as is.

Letting it sit for a few days – then I’ll return to it and see how I feel. Strikes me that there are fewer and fewer students sharing their writing with the group. There is, especially with an online course that runs a full month, a certain amount of endurance required. Plus, it runs over weekends and week days alike. No difference.

I really wish I could go to London for a 3-month course. That would be so amazing. What really attracts me is the notion of getting to know other writers. I’d just absolutely love it – but it isn’t even possible right now.

See you tomorrow,