Dear Diary,

It’s Sunday. I’ve been doing laundry all morning.

However, I am slightly pleased with myself. Actually, I’m surprised at how pleased I am with myself right now. After starting the laundry, which is all the way downstairs, I stayed down there and used the elliptical machine. For 20 minutes! Oh yah. I’m doing it.

Got super sweaty. Yup.

Good day for laundry.

Tomorrow, the week will start with a fully new program for me. Well, a heavily edited one. I’m looking forward to it, especially art therapy. Clay time. Very messy business and in good measure the reason I’ve so much laundry.

I have the feeling – a vague suspicion – one that I will need to test tomorrow, but – I might need to smash my current project. Not sure why I’m feeling that right now, but when I think about it – I want to smash it. Maybe it’s just the smooshy-ness factor.

I might ask Rickert-Thies about that before taking action. Who knows? She might even support the idea.

See you tomorrow,