Dear Diary,

Today is mostly about getting ready to go. Freiburg is calling me.

So is laundry.

Why is it that whenever there’s a trip, that’s the moment I realize I have nothing to wear? I’m basically packing everything. It isn’t much, honestly.

Got some writing done today for my online course. Not sure I really like it. It feels wobbly to me, but I’m not sure why. Also don’t know why I’m craving cake – actually not craving so much as just thinking about it a lot. It’s strange.

Also strange to me are the rose head pictures I’ve been tinkering with lately. Not really sure what that’s about, but it’s calling to me. I don’t know why I need to investigate this. Almost wondering if I should really try throwing paint on a canvas – maybe it’ll be clearer to me then. I don’t know.

See you tomorrow,