Dear Diary,

This was a particularly special Saturday for me. Darling and I spent a good portion of it in Wiesbaden. We had an errand to run, and afterward, we had a dinner out and theatre.

It wasn’t just any theatre experience, either. We got to do something I’ve been wanting and hoping to some day experience for years. Well, decades, in fact. We went to a live radio show. In English, no less. AND it was a Douglas Adams theme. So it couldn’t have been more ideal.

I was too shy and also feeling too tired to really chat with any of the performers after the show, but I really wanted to. We’ll go back though, and then I’ll have a chance to show my adoration of their talents.

The day, overall, involved a little too much walking for me. But I did it! I was able to really do it, and I handled it all right. I’m pretty proud of that.

See you tomorrow,