Dear Diary,

Super DAY! Even the chemo dose couldn’t keep me down. I had a talk this morning with a different oncologist, one with more experience. She confirmed for me that in fact I would not need a port for my antibody treatments. There’s another version of the same drug that I can take as a 10-minute shot, just like last time.

This means that on August 15th, I do not need to have a new chemo port installed. I can simply have the old one out and then I am done with it! Could not be more relieved or more excited about this wonderful news. I will gladly take the 10-minute shot over having to get another port.

I’m glad of my port. It served me well these past few years. But I’m very ready to just have it out of me.

Just fabulous. Tomorrow I see the cardiologist, a required check-up for any chemo patient. I’m very hopeful though, as I feel like my heart has been doing well lately. Better.

See you tomorrow,