Dear Diary,

Today was all in all a long exercise in frustration and fatigue. I am, for whatever reason, absolutely exhausted today. It’s been very difficult to get much of anything done.

Many – too many – calls were made or at least attempted ALL friggin day. All about trying to find out whether or not I’m cleared for chemo rehab. If I can go, I’ll be going October 5th. I still don’t know.

Also needed to call regarding my cell. That was for nothing other than more frustration. Good grief. After being on hold for a very long time, got kicked out. TWICE. Just ridiculous.

Stupidly, my morning hours were wasted on the phone this way. The entire morning and a good portion of the afternoon, too. I hate phones.

Writing? No. Not today. That’s the bit that is most stupid.

I’m determined that tomorrow will be better than this.

See you then,