Dear Diary,

Today was my therapy bath, which enables me to soak out a lot of aches and pains, but to also regain some energy. Adding a few drops of methylene blue really does amazing things for me. That and some epsom salt really does the trick.

Just yesterday, quite by surprise, I got a call from Sylvia! It was a lovely talk. She invited me to come visit her in Berlin once I’m feeling well enough. I think I’ll do that! We can bum around the big city together. Darling has no interest in visiting Berlin, so I could just go myself for a couple of days.

Today, my friend Jana called, as planned. It was so nice of her to reach out to me.

I was able to get out of the tub and back upstairs just in time to pick up Jana’s call. Fortunately, I’ve got a really good hand-me-down bathrobe from Wilma that I love – stains and all. It’s perfect. Cozy but not suffocating, sort of rough. Not precious, but back when it was still a dusty rose color, it would’ve had a touch of Hollywood fancy with its satin trim on the collar.

What amazes me is that I had the energy to chat with Jana for nearly two hours. I didn’t even realize until we hung up how much time had passed. That I could have the energy for such a long talk astounds me.

I did a little quick doodle and out came the image of me in my chemo cap and Jana, looking like a friendly pixie, as ever. It wasn’t my intention or plan to draw it – I just let my hand move the pen around, and two faces appeared. At first, I didn’t know who they were. It wasn’t until I drew the ears and chins that I realized who I was drawing. Rather a nice surprise.

I look like Charlie Brown on a good day (not flopping through the air, not saying argh, etc.) in my sketch. It’s kind of funny.

Now I’m going to do some writing. Time for a murder!

See you tomorrow,