Dear Diary,

Being Saturday, I was free to do whatever I wanted today – no set schedule. The only thing holding me back was a general lack of energy – not at all unusual, but magnified because of the heat here. Freiburg is considerably sunnier than any other area of Germany.

I ventured out for a few hours, walking to the second hand clothier nearby. It’s this great place that I discovered the last time I was here. I generally hate shopping for clothes, but there’s no formaldehyde in used items – so the shopping doesn’t make me ill. Plus, the prices at this shop can’t be beat. Just amazing.

Did more writing today, which I’m really happy about – the assignment wasn’t easy for me. Took me some effort to swing my approach to it in the right direction. I’m pretty happy with what I was able to get down.

I knew when I signed up that the workshop would be good for me. What I didn’t expect was that I’d be inspired to write an entirely new novel. Not at all my intention – but I think it’s a strong concept and character. Still have some plot points to develop, but it’s feeling good.

Wish I were feeling better – definitely fighting a cold. Meh.

See you tomorrow,