Dear Diary,

This post comes days late, but it comes. Today, Darling drove me to Freiburg. It was a three hour drive. Very tiring, but I feel like I got through it pretty well. Anyway, shorter road trips have been harder for me in the past. So I’m on the up.

My room is much like the one I had the last time I was here, but this one faces the interior courtyard – so it’s a considerably better view. Plus it’s darker and quieter at night, which is good for me.

Darling took care of schlepping all my luggage to the room, which was great. I was absolutely out of it and needed to rest or just fall over.

I’m glad to be here. I know I’m going to learn a lot these next few weeks, but I’m going to miss home and Darling’s company.

See you tomorrow,