It’s a Padalecki

How this started…

In the first pandemic lockdown of 2020, I painted this, “It’s a Padalecki,” and “All My Habits Make ME.” These two are of a series. Visually, their themes are about people, public transportation – things I was craving during the lockdown. But they also share a common painting method that was for me highly experimental.

I had read that doing things with your other hand was good exercise for the brain. So I decided to try and see if I could functionally paint – anything at all.

The Padalecki painting was the second piece I tried, but it was in fact the first one I completed. I feel this is one of my best works so far. I’m so happy with both of these paintings, I’ve decided to continue painting more works with my left hand.

When I paint left-handed, it feels like I’ve traveled back in time, to the version of me that lacks the skills and experiences I’ve established with my right hand. It puts me in a place of vulnerability because it feels like I need to relearn the techniques I’ve been using for decades. Nothing is a given. I’m just going for it.

I had NO intention of painting actor Padalecki when I started this. It wasn’t until I was certain the piece was done that I thought, “That actually reminds me of Jared Padalecki.” And of course – I had been watching Supernatural reruns like mad around that time. So I think my subconscious was informing the form of that character.

I knew immediately that the painting HAD to be called “It’s a Padalecki” – and if you’re a fan of the show as I am, you’ll totally get the reference.

To find out more about the people I’ve painted in It’s a Padalecki and the process of taking a canvas painting and making it a design ready to apply to clothes and such, read Behind the Design.