How this started…

For Mother’s Day 2020 I made my mom an e-card and the flowers in a vase with a tapestry backdrop (see coasters, above) is what I made for her. She liked it so much, she suggested I try to get the image printed on physical things, like greeting cards or something, so that she could purchase some.

Her words were, “Maybe, if you got the design on something to buy, then, you know, I could maybe buy it. And then other people would know about it too, and maybe buy it, and you could make a little money.”

So everything you see here for sale is because of my mom.

This particular image is one I created using my iPad and iPencil using multiple layers. It is one of my favorite designs, and as it was made with my mom in mind, certainly one of my more feminine pieces.

What I love too is that I can now have my work on various physical items. It’s no longer something that’s just in the cloud. It’s now a pillow, a bag, a travel mug – even hangable artwork. It’s really cool.