Dear Diary,

It’s the day after chemo, so it’s the chemo face rash day. Not really a rash, I suppose – no bumps – but it feels like a rash. Hot, kind of stinging. I look like I’m extremely embarrassed, probably. 

And the swelling. The roundness of my swollen face with no hair up top. I’m fuzzy like a peach, but my ears and head are always cold, even with the face rash. 

Yesterday at the hospital was kind of interesting. Was able to chat with a couple of patients who were new to me. Nice ladies, clearly in a lot of pain. You can tell, even when they don’t say anything about it. 

Chemo makes it hard to meet new friends, the pain and just the lack of energy. In another time and place, we might really hit it off simply because we can speak clearly. No slurring, no wincing from a random ache or feeling like: “just don’t throw up.”

Decided today that I want to record my diary – words, a bit of artwork – every day. Every day! That’s my goal. It’ll be interesting to see if I can do it. 

Here’s to doing it! Woo-hoo!

See you tomorrow,