Dear Diary,

Today I’ve been wondering how feasible it is to include deeper story aspects into a short story that does not fall into literature. So I’ve been spitballing and having fun thinking this through. I’m going to do my best and see what happens.

If it doesn’t jive, I can always edit. But it will be interesting to see if it feels right or not.

Tomorrow we have plans to meet with K&W for vegan, gluten-free pizzas at Noah’s pizzeria. I’m really jazzed about it. For my benefit, we’re meeting for lunner- a lunch-dinner at around 15:30.


There’s EVEN a chance, however slim, that we might be able to go see Mission Impossible after pizza tomorrow. We’ll see. My energy is really low. But I’m hoping I can pull it off even though the movie wouldn’t let out until well after my normal bedtime.

In any case, I’ve got an outfit all prepared, and I’ve decided that I want to wear my blonde wig tomorrow. Even if it’s hot – it’s a lot of fake hair to wear on a summer day, but it’s the one I like the most. My lashes and brows are almost completely gone, so I’ll need to wear make-up so that I look like I have a face.

It occurs to me that I’ll be effectively wearing a disguise tomorrow, going after my own mission impossible – to be with it enough for both pizza with friends and an exciting movie afterward – while being in chemo. Sounds nuts, but it really is a lot.

I can hardly wait to hang out with our friends. I haven’t seen them in a month. In fact, the last time they saw me, I still had hair. I was in chemo, but the hair hadn’t yet gone. I wonder what they’ll say about it, if anything.

Until tomorrow,