Dear Diary,

After my somewhat disappointing consultation meeting with the surgeon yesterday, I was a bit shocked, despite my general determination to accept what is.

Holding back tears, not sure why I was so bothered by the news. Sure, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear: I need to replace my port, remove the old one. The new one will go on the other side of my chest. More wounds, more scars. No biggie. Really. So why were tears stinging at my eyes?

Walking around downtown, no direction in mind, I happened upon an art installation. It’s called Umbrella Sky. It was just what I needed to experience in that moment.

It lifted my spirits, walking underneath all the colors hovering so high above my head.

The experience was simple, heart lightening. I could breathe a little easier and I could feel my face smiling, my chin pointed up high.

There was one, just one umbrella hanging up there, unopened. It wasn’t closed either, not fully. It was hanging relaxed, unbound.

I decided to be like that umbrella.

See you tomorrow,