Dear Diary,

This morning, I’m feeling good about what I was able to do yesterday. It took a lot out of me physically – and I slept rather poorly as a result (heart rate too high), but I have things to do today. Sunday.

The plan now is to write as much as I can for the short mystery, “Murderous Beachy Keen.” I want to see if I can produce the first draft to completion before Tuesday. I have several pages already (maybe eight), but it’s nowhere done.

Clearly, there will be heavy editing to make draft two a not-too-long short story. My goal is to keep this a 15-minute read, not more. Big challenge.

Tuesday is chemo day, so I’ve absolutely got to get certain things laundered today – or they won’t be dry in time.

Feeling like I accomplished some things that are important to me in the past few days. Big emotional things.

See you tomorrow,