Dear Diary,

It’s Friday, and my first rehab day, really. Full schedule. Two doctor’s appointments, two seminars, my first physical therapy course that nearly kicked my ass (arms, just the arms for EVER – ok, 30 minutes), and three meals in the common area.

The meals might not seem like something to mention, because of course we get food. But it’s no small thing for me to be surrounded by a bunch of strangers, to get myself some food, and carry it to a table.

These are all things that require a certain amount of balance, a well placed and stable footfall, and of course hand strength so that I don’t wind up dropping everything to the floor. Holding food and walking at the same time! I did it. Three times in one day.

My feeling – my suspicion – is that by the time I leave the clinic, such a thing won’t seem like a big deal to me anymore. It’ll just be a natural ability again.

See you tomorrow,