Dear Diary,

This morning at breakfast time, there was a line for the automated coffee machine down in the cafeteria. I realized fairly quickly the reason for it. There was a woman – I’m really unsure of her age, one of the problems with cancer patients is that guessing a person’s age becomes almost impossible.

But this woman had a cup, one regular cup like the rest of us, and instead of filling it with coffee, she was filling it with espresso. One after the next, and while I’m unsure how many she took, it was perhaps 5, 6 or maybe even 7. I kept thinking she was going to stop, but then she’d press the button again for another shot.

When she turned to face me, I must admit, I found her a bit frightening. I don’t think I’m that easy to frighten. She looked wrong in the eyes. The sketch is my impression of her.

Thinking about her now, I kind of wonder what kind of cancer she had/has. I remember a doctor telling me once that a severe caffeine addiction can cause cysts and that if nothing changes (as in, the addict refuses to stop drinking and eating caffeine), the cysts can become cancer. I don’t know – could be.

Tomorrow the scheduled activities resume, and I really hope I can sleep well tonight. I want to be as fit as possible.

Actually, I’m scheduled for one thing today: laundry. Had to sign-up for the machine space. Got a few choice pieces of clothing yesterday at the second hand shop, things ideal for physical therapies. So I’ll launder those to get ready for the new week.

Plus: Snooker! There’s a really good sports channel available here at the clinic, which means I can watch the English Finals live. Good stuff.

What I wouldn’t give for a really great coffee. Cafeteria coffee is – well, not quite as good as gas station coffee. But I’ll survive. Probably.

See you tomorrow,