Dear Diary,

Today was my first “real day” at the rehab clinic. For the first time, I had art therapy using clay. It was really fascinating, quite unexpected. I’m very curious to see where it’s going.

Last time when I was here, I had art therapy with paints. That changed my life. No question.

This with the clay is completely different even though it’s with the same therapist, Ms. Rickert-Thies. She’s fantastic. Such an experienced therapist. Very insightful woman.

Also had to do weight-lifting. I would enjoy it more if there weren’t so many other people in the room. It felt a little claustrophobic. This one man was terribly sick – honestly, I don’t know why he was expected to participate. He had a terrible, phlegm-heavy cough. Should’ve been in bed, not lifting weights.

And of course I ended up directly behind him, so that I got to use the machine immediately after him. On every machine. I tried to switch to something else, but somehow it was never possible. It was beyond aggravating that the trainer didn’t really do anything. She should’ve sent him to bed.

But I feel good about what I did today. Good start.

See you tomorrow,