Dear Diary,

For the first time ever, I wrote a scary, creepy scene. It was prompted by the writing course I’m taking, – it’s just so very far away from what I’d normally think to write. But I had fun with it. Actually, I had a lot of fun with it – though I don’t know if others will find it scary, or if it’s just me. Need the feedback on that.

The lesson focus for the moment is on place, environment of a scene. That’s never really been my forte. Perhaps because I’ve never personally had a sense of place. I don’t get homesick. Maybe it’s because I’m so much in my head. No idea.

It’s been a fun challenge for me, thinking about place and how it informs a scene, toying with words to imbue a sense of character in that place. Especially for horror – it works very well. Good lesson for me.

See you tomorrow,