Dear Diary,

Today, I’ve been surprisingly busy. Writing! It’s rough going, nothing is coming easily to me, but I’m doing it. Chemo be damned. It feels good, but I do have to take more breaks than I’d like.

The form of the story is starting to take shape. I’ve chosen the narrative style – it’s an experiment. I’ve never written something like this before. It’s sort of epistolary, insofar as part of the narrative is presented as excerpts from the witness report of the main character. This is her police report, naturally written in past tense. I know this choice for tense is obvious, but it took me some moments to make this decision. Anyway.

Then the action scenes as they take place are in present tense. I feel like this keeps it feeling more urgent.

I love writing. I just hope that what I’m getting down is actually not crap. It’s hard to tell with chemo brain fog and headaches that won’t leave me alone today. Not sure what that’s about, but tomorrow is my bath day. I can hardly wait to steep myself down into the hot, salty water.

See you tomorrow,