Dear Diary,

Today, we’re dealing – or trying to deal – with plumbers. We’ve been trying to get them to do the job of repairing/renovating our bathroom. Since FEBRUARY. It is insane. It is infuriating.

We currently have no way of bathing or showering in our own apartment. Fortunately, my mother in law lives in the same house on the ground floor. So that’s where we’re able to clean our bodies.

But I’ve been having to go down two flights of stairs like this and back up again while recovering from mastectomy surgery and all through my chemotherapy. Still, nothing has changed. Our bathroom is in pieces and stinks of faulty plumbing now that summer weather has already given way to an early fall.

Grrr… is about the best I can do here in terms of keeping my cool.

Grrr. Tomorrow will be better.