Dear Diary,

This morning, I’ve been doing a bit of research on the great historian and cultural critic, Lewis Mumford. He was a really fascinating person and before, I’d really no idea how influential he was on American culture until today. Good stuff.

A quote from him, my sketch for today, is one I find particularly inspiring – though it’s only one of many great quotes from him. But the notion of kite flying is sort of whimsical, and the simple reminder that in order to fly, to really take off, we NEED resistance – it’s simple and true.

Easy to forget, the best wisdoms.

I’ve been researching about boats, snorkeling and spearguns as well. All good stuff that I can use in my story. I’m behind the writing schedule I set for myself, but I think I’ll forgive that given the recent side effects of chemo, some of them a bit surprising. It is what it is.

Just had the talk with my chemo-port surgeon. Turns out I will need a brand new port. On the 15th, I’ll be in surgery. A new port will be installed on my left side, and the current one I have on my right side will be removed. So ok.

That means two more weeks of chemo, and then surgery instead of chemo. Then several months of antibody treatments in a brand new port. I think this might be better.

See you tomorrow,